APIs are the driving force around business strategy

API Development

api strategy in place

APIs are becoming increasingly valuable to businesses because they have provided the easiest way to connect systems together to exchange information. But they have to be organized and connected in a strategic, holistic way to provide any value.

MuleSoft surveyed over 950 IT decision-makers (ITDMs), 90% of respondents say that their organization already has an API strategy in place or will be soon.

What business result(s) has your organization realized from leveraging APIs?

  • Increased productivity - 58%

  • Increased innovation - 48%

  • Increased employee engagement - 43%

  • Increased speed in meeting LoB demands - 35%

  • Greater agility across teams to self-serve IT - 35%

  • Decreased operational costs - 35%

  • Experienced revenue growth as a direct result - 31%

  • Too early to say - 7%

  • None of these - 1%

Using APIs, organizations can free themselves from the limitations of their legacy systems and existing technology stack and be more focused the deliver a new digital experience to customers, partners, and employees

Such systems like MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is purpose-built to enable API innovations through an approach known as API-led connectivity.

We in SynergySoft serve our clients and help them to achieve their digital transformation goals through designing, running, managing, and analyzing services and APIs using a single, unified platform. Request an API Expertise