“Look for smart people and let them work in small teams” Bill Gates

The Team

Our team is an incredible synergy that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

There are no identical people, but people with similar traits and goals. The SynergySoft team brought together brilliant and energetic developers with an inexhaustible desire to develop, striving to improve their work and code, in the eternal search for the best solutions and finding new best practices, ready for mutual assistance and responsible for their results.

We spend a considerable percentage of our lives at work, and we strive to maintain a work-life balance and support our colleagues in every possible way in achieving it.

We are happy to contribute to the development of the IT industry, and therefore at least 50% of our developers are university graduates and final-year students.

We are loyal and flexible to each team member, which is especially valuable for students who need a flexible schedule to combine work and study.

Since the company's very foundation, SynergySoft has a paid internship program for students, which ends with a job offer and a significant first step in the IT industry. 

The world does not know standstill. Everything changes and grows, and our company is no exception.

Therefore, we are always focused on new goals and growth, which means that we have a vacancy for you!

Don't wait! Join our team!