Mule 4.6

To maintain compliance and customer trust, starting with Mule Runtime 4.6 in February 2024, MuleSoft will begin to enable customers and partners to upgrade their integration apps, connectors, and Mule Gateway policies/proxies from a legacy Java 8 to a secure Java 17.

Customer Value

With Mule 4.9 which will only support Java 17 (Feb 2025), customers will be able to take advantage of enhanced Java 17 new language features, security, and performance.
Industry is moving away from Java 8 and inaction will lead to compliance and security risks along with the lack of supportability.

Java 17 Upgrade – Why Now

MuleSoft recommends to perform majority of the migration in 2024!

Customer Upgrade Path

Customers and partners can begin action in Q1 2024, along with in-depth playbooks and migration toolkits to drive adoption:

Upgrade Type and Level of Effort

Action plan

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