Connectivity and integration become increasingly important to the future of the enterprise

Digital Transformation

The digital business transformation is a topic that touches every company in every industry. Businesses are rethinking the strategies through which they meet their customers’ needs and the way in which those customers engage with businesses’ services and offerings, whether it’s through mobile devices, wearable technology, or other devices.

According to Flexera™ Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and other senior IT leaders are putting the Digital transformation on the 1st place among their top technology priorities:

Digital Transformation is the top tech priority

If everything is digital, if the customer buys a car, food, PPV, and other services and products, there is an IT architecture of hundreds of thousands of connections that need to happen to deliver those experiences to the customer. To make this happen, companies need access to their data, and this is the challenge for every enterprise.

The purpose of Digital transformation is intended businesses to answer on question how to digitize every part of the business, as every part of the business now needs technology to operate

From Gartner’s perspective, who compiled digital business transformation best practices, the roadmap includes the following stages:

Digital transformation roadmap

The challenge of nearly each CIO is how to approach the raw data assets should be leveraged and turn it into a competitive advantage for the organisation.

Connectivity brings the data assets stored in the data centers to the people who need it to drive new products and new digital experiences for customers.

That’s why there is a huge business focus on APIs.

Businesses must recognize that Transforming the customer experience is the distinguishing factor from their competition. APIs are playing a critical role in digital experiences. They have to be well organized and connected to provide value. Request an API Expertise