Universal API management within Mulesoft

Artyom Subbotin
MuleSoft Architect

Today organizations use APIs for binding their distributed ecosystems. Different modern architectural approaches allow doing this in different ways, but a variety of technologies only contribute to challenges.

Problem statement

The API-led approach is only the icing on the cake of API’s organizing. The biggest pitfall here - is API sprawl which refers to the state of enterprise architecture where teams within an organization find it challenging to maintain, operate, and work with their APIs successfully:

Since business units operate independently, they often choose different technology platforms, clouds, API protocols, and architectures to meet their specific needs. As APIs sprawl across the technology estate and the business moves further toward heterogeneous operations, it is nearly impossible to create enterprise-wide services when these various systems and applications need to be connected.

As a result, different departments can’t afford to rip and replace their existing technology stacks to address these problems; instead, they need a solution that offers flexibility in development while maintaining centralized visibility and control across services. The composable enterprise and its fast-moving, agile vision can only be delivered when universal capabilities are brought to existing technologies.

What is UAPIM?

According to Mulesoft, new Anypoint capabilities focus on controlling and curbing API "sprawl" for enterprises and easing complications for application governance and security for IT departments. What are they?

Universal API Management allows you to manage, govern, or secure the APIs within a single control plane, it doesn't matter whether they are Mule or non-Mule APIs or where they are located (on-premise, cloud, or anywhere) - this can be achieved within following aspects.

Accelerate application delivery
Now developers can build APIs using GraphQL in DataGraph, AsyncAPI specification in
API Designer Center, or automatically catalog, discover, and reuse API specifications into Exchange using Anypoint CLI.

Build modern architectures and applications
Control and security of APIs running anywhere can be achieved by
Flex Gateway with ultrafast response times and a low footprint.

Achieve consistent security and governance
API Manager helps to manage users and services in a unified control plane. API Governance guarantees that microservices follow a particular organization's required standards.

Create vibrant API ecosystems
Anypoint Exchange allows the creation of a consolidated source of truth for all enterprise APIs and packages it into specific products. Within API Community Manager, it's possible to build complete experiences to publish your APIs for your API communities. API Experience Hub provides building developer portals in minutes using fully assembled templates to publish APIs from Exchange to any audience.